General Writing Board

The General Writing Board was established in response to the lack of a national independent, modern and specialised scientific body which, in times of intensified interest in the field of handwriting analysis resulting in the existence of pseudo-specialists on the market, would serve as an expert and certifying body for both state institutions and legal and natural persons.

Academy of graphologist

We run a professional series of handwriting examination training courses and thematic courses on selected topics.

Vademecum of graphologist

We draft documents aimed at developing the industry, setting out the principles of examination, the qualification framework for the graphologist profession, the criteria for assessing opinions.

Standards of handwriting

We form a set of rules of examination and opinion, we educate on the correct information on the science of handwriting examination and we take care of the proper practice of the handwriting profession.

Members of the GWB

The GWB is composed exclusively of experts, both Polish and foreign, whose actual competence is based on a number of criteria.
Each year, the supervisory department evaluates experts and GWB members to maintain these standards.
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