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Modern handwriting examination
– awareness training for legal practitioners

Training aimed at presenting modern handwriting examination possibilities, types of examinations, types of documents necessary for examinations, methods of collecting and gathering comparative material, correctness of formulating theses of the order, familiarisation with the scope of examinations and their time-consumption in relation to the assessment of expert’s work time.


a) Individually: online 200 PLN gross;


a) individually: training materials available within 24 hours after paying for the training;


Price includes:

  • materials,
  • additional online consultation 1h.

The syllabus includes:

  • trends in the development of handwriting science,
  • types of tests, the scope of their use,
  • formulating correct theses of decisions,
  • preparation of comparative material,
  • expert working time.


  1. when signing up by email, please include: first name, surname, address, participant’s PESEL Social Security Number
  2. when signing up by email, please indicate: details of the invoice payer: natural or legal person
  3. payment for training shall be made in advance in accordance with the time indicated on the invoice
  4. a detailed schedule and syllabus of the training is sent upon registration to the e-mail address provided.
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