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Learning handwriting analysis as a tool in HR processes

Training designed to teach handwriting analysis as a tool in recruitment and selection processes and employee evaluation. Handwriting and drawing analysis training dedicated to HR, HRM, head-hunters, managers, trainers, psychologists, … .

The workshop opens up possibilities that have been used for decades by market powers in HR processes, which eliminate or minimise the weakest link in a company – the unrecognised human being.

The ability of psychographic analysis is knowledge of who someone really is, how to deal with them, what to expect from them, what they need to fulfil the requirements set before them.


a) individually: PLN 3000 gross;
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) individually: agreed with
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) individually: Warsaw office of GWB;
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) workshops: 2 days; 10:00-16:00
b) exercises: 6 months, after completion of the workshop part


Price includes:

  • training,
  • materials,
  • coffee service and refreshments.

Thesyllabus includes:

  • history and contemporary application of psychographics,
  • graphic features of writing versus personality traits,
  • interpretative key, exercises in analysis.


  1. when signing up by email, please include: first name, surname, address, participant’s PESEL Social Security Number
  2. when signing up by email, please indicate: details of the invoice payer: natural or legal person
  3. payment for training shall be made in advance in accordance with the time indicated on the invoice
  4. possibility to cancel the training with reimbursement of 50% of payment occurs up to 7 working days before the training date
  5. a detailed schedule and syllabus of the training is sent upon registration to the e-mail address provided.
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