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Preparation of the expert to appear in court

A course in the form of a workshop for candidates for court expert witnesses/for court experts aimed at court appearances in which one has to present a position resulting from one’s research and skilfully argue it.

Classes for people who, despite flawless preparation, have resistance, blockage in presenting their knowledge, articulating, reacting to circumstances of sudden changes. 

The syllabus includes exercises in self-presentation, the art of free speech, building arguments, clear communication skills, mastering emotions, reacting to sudden changes.


a) individually: PLN 900 gross;
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) individually: agreed with
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) individually: Warsaw office of GWB;
b) group: no group activities until the end of 2021


a) workshops: 1 day; 10:00-16:00
b) exercises: during the workshop


Price includes:

  • training,
  • materials,
  • coffee service and refreshments.


  1. when signing up by email, please include: first name, surname, address, participant’s PESEL Social Security Number
  2. when signing up by email, please indicate: details of the invoice payer: natural or legal person
  3. payment for training shall be made in advance in accordance with the time indicated on the invoice
  4. possibility to cancel the training with reimbursement of 50% of payment occurs up to 7 working days before the training date
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