General Writing Board

Members of GWB

The GWB brings together only experts, Polish and foreign graphologists, whose actual competence consists of:

  • higher education in the following fields: law, forensic science, psychology, linguistics, administration (there are no persons among the GWBs whose university education does not refer to any of the above-mentioned fields, which ensures expert quality of work);
  • up-to-date handwriting certificates of recognised, mostly foreign, certifying bodies (as evidence of up-to-date knowledge in one of the directions of handwriting examination: forensic, psychological, clinical, thus guaranteeing a comprehensive opinion by a team of specialists);
  • knowledge of contemporary research capabilities (ensuring that research is carried out in parallel with scientific developments and not according to the capabilities of decades ago);
  • full professional practice (the GWB team consists of experts who deal with a given field on a daily basis and not on a casual basis or after hours, which reflects into the team’s availability and timely completion of assignments);
  • continuous participation in thematic conferences (in order to disseminate correct hand-writing knowledge and to develop oneself);
  • regular updating of qualifications (ensuring familiarity with up-to-date research solutions and meeting this requirement when renewing the term of office of the expert).
 Each year, the supervisory department evaluates experts and GWB members to maintain these standards.    

If your qualifications meet the above criteria and you would like to be a Member of the General Writing Board, please send the completed questionnaire to

Benefits of membership:

  • to be among the experts of the first expert-certifying body in the country (certificate issued)
  • paid cooperation in providing opinions, conducting research, training, creating publications, shaping standards of handwriting experts in Poland
  • participation in regular training, congresses, conferences aimed at developing the field in the country as well as improving own qualifications
  • access to educational materials to improve own skills (newsletter)