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The General Writing Board is a collaborative partner with Courts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and other state authorities that require for the purposes of their proceedings:

  • a reliable, complete handwriting examination opinion that is exhaustive and sets out the issue in such a way that it is not necessary to commission a supplementary opinion or to contend with legitimate factual objections to the opinion given;
  • an expert opinion prepared by appropriately selected specialists relevant to the issue without the need for the Employer to know in which field the specialist should be appointed – the GWB itself shall determine which specialist is qualified in relation to the scope of the case;
  • an opinion produced and delivered on time and within a short period to be agreed upon, which will not delay the activities;
  • work performed according to the actual amount of work and time involved;
  • a meta-evaluation to decide which of the previous opinions is correct in the context of the conclusions;
  • a verification analysis of the opinions issued in order to check their correctness as to their substance or to determine the probability of the working time indicated in the expert’s report, which will make it possible to establish the relevance and usefulness of the evidence and to respond fairly to the amount of the bill or the allegations concerning its amount, so that the authority’s decision is supported by professional data and not by approximate knowledge;
  • abstract opinions which do not concern a specific case, but certain general phenomena, regularities connected with writing;
  • verification of the qualifications of persons applying for entry on the list of court experts or appearing on it for many years without demonstrating that they have improved their competence, thus contributing to the setting and maintenance of standards in the interests of the public;
  • handwriting examinations of documents that are copies, graphisms drawn on tablet media.

The General Writing Board is a collaborative partner with legal and natural persons who needs:

  • a reliable, complete and professional handwriting and document examination opinion in order to initiate proceedings or for the purposes of pending cases in which a professional opinion is required;
  • a verification analysis of the opinions already issued in order to check their correctness as to their substance and to identify any shortcomings that would give rise to objections and requests for further examinations;
  • professionally prepared requests for the appointment of an expert with the appropriate specialisation.

The General Writing Board is a collaborative partner with persons who wish to learn the profession and prepare themselves to become a court expert by means of:

  • a full cycle of training courses culminating in a test and the issue of a nationally recognised certificate providing credible evidence of the breadth of knowledge;
  • to become acquainted with the practical aspects involved in running a business and acting as an expert witness.

The General Writing Board performs examinations and opinions in the full range of all types of handwriting examination, i.e.:

  • classical handwriting tests (authenticity, uniformity)
  • forensic examination of handwriting and documents (forgery)
  • psychological tests of writing
  • neurographology (examination of pathological handwriting, ill persons, examination of the psychophysical state of the person writing)
  • determining the order of enrolment
  • forensic linguistics

The General Writing Board also prepares expert verification opinions on:

  • verification of the specialist’s working time
  • verification of the specialist’s qualifications in the event of objections on these issues or on appointment to the list of experts/before renewal
  • verification of the correctness in substance of the opinion delivered

Standards of research and opinion by the GWB:

  1. Use of full and contemporary handwriting and document examination capabilities
  2. Performing research from an interdisciplinary perspective (forensic science – psychology – law – linguistics)
  3. Use of multiple and different research methodologies
  4. Use of modern equipment and software
  5. Work carried out by experts with specialist training
  6. Implementation of the order by 1 to 3 complementary and mutually verifying specialists
  7. Approval of the opinion by the supervising expert and taking responsibility for its content
  8. Producing expertise on time in a relatively short period
  9. Billing according to actual working time and based on invoice
  10. Application of the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure

We use modern equipment and software in our research:

  • stereo microscopes
  • digital microscopes
  • videospectrocomparator
  • programs: Globalgraph, Editor, Graphlog; Adobe Photoshop for graphics processing
General Writing Board

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